Moving a Piano

Rolling an upright piano out the front door on a piano moving dolly.

There is a number of questions you need to answer before moving a piano. Who do you get to move your piano? Moving a piano yourself: Let’s be honest: This is your cheapest option if you have the strength, equipment and moving expertise to do it. Who will care more about your piano than you? … Read more

Piano Moving Company

Tipping a grand piano to place dolly under it.

Any piano owner will tell you that finding the right piano moving company for your next move is critical. Pianos are heavy, awkward to handle and require real expertise and experience to move. You do not want just any mover handling your piano. Thinking like that is an accident waiting to happen. Do you really … Read more

Crane Grand Piano onto balcony

Braymore Piano Movers crane grand piano onto a balcony.

What do you do when your grand piano will not fit up the staircase to the second or third floor? You look for ways to lift or crane it up there. If you have a balcony, craning your grand piano is a very good solution. Braymore is the only company in Ontario that moves pianos … Read more

Best Piano Mover

Craning Yamaha C7 concert grand piano into condo building.

Best Piano Mover Being in the piano moving business for over 30 years and having the inside scoop for our area, I feel really sorry for any individuals that are trying to research online in our area. I am personally bias to the answer, so instead I’ve decided to answer your question in a way … Read more

Floors and Pianos

Floors and Pianos With all the fancy new hardwood, ceramic and marble type floors. This is probably one of the biggest questions people have for their piano movers when having their piano moved over new floors. Most people do NOT want their floors damaged. If you are one of these people, we have to start … Read more

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Take This House and Sell It!

Clip Taken from “Take This House and Sell It!”Episode 50 (1st Aired – April 13, 2006) Watch this episode to see Braymore Piano Movers take an upright piano up a really difficult staircase to make this home owners reno dreams come true.