About us

Here is a little history about Braymore and how it developed.

Braymore Piano Movers was founded in 1981. Over the course of a couple of years, it quickly became Toronto’s largest piano movers. In 1984 Braymore expanded its services into piano warehousing through Braymore Distribution Services with its primary focus on piano storage for piano manufactures, distributors, stores and private individuals. Since then, Braymore Piano Movers has become a household name here in the GTA region as “the piano mover of choice ” and across the North America as a piano warehouse solution for servicing the Canadian market, handling thousands of pianos each year and doing work for almost all the major piano distributors.

Braymore Distribution Services came to life in 1984.  Braymore realized that there was a need for companies that wanted their product stored and handled with a higher level of care than your traditional warehouse.  Braymore first started with warehousing pianos, which was a natural fit with its moving business, but then moved on to many other products and industries that had similar concerns.

Braymore Specialty Movers naturally spawned over time. When people see you have a fleet of excellently equipped trucks to move unboxed product with special care and they see you do take extra care with there items, it is only natural to get asked to move other items that people are concerned about. Braymore Specialty Movers formed out of our piano moving division over time and has also expanded its abilities to handle other unique unboxed products similar to pianos when called for. For example Braymore is able to move photocopiers, large-screen TVs, high end furniture, hot tubs, safes, sculptures, etc. where other movers are just not up to the task or equipped for the job.  Braymore has a number of tools and equipment to handle very challenging jobs safely.  Just read the reviews to see why Braymore is the mover of choice.

Moving a priceless Egyptian sarcophagus lid.
Moving a priceless Egyptian sarcophagus lid.

Braymore Crane Rental was born in 2011.  With all the specialty jobs that Braymore was being requested to do and working with other crane companies to perform them, it became clear that Braymore needed to get its own in house crane custom designed to reach into places that standard cranes cannot go. Being a company born out of specialty moving services, Braymore started using remote controlled knuckle cranes. These are not your standard stick cranes, they are designed to work in tight areas with multiple bending points in the crane arm to work where other cranes cannot go. This was further expanded into knuckle spider cranes, go physically go where our full sized knuckle cranes cannot go.

Knuckle crane hot tub over house
Piano being craned up to a Toronto balcony.