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Being in the piano moving business for over 30 years and having the inside scoop for our area, I feel really sorry for any individuals that are trying to research online in our area. I am personally bias to the answer, so instead I’ve decided to answer your question in a way that tries to remove that bias and is usable in other areas across Canada and the US. When I search “Best Piano Mover” or do a basic search of: “Piano Mover”. You immediately notice that everyone on the internet is claiming to be the best piano mover out there!

Here is the funniest part. Most companies listed in our area as piano movers on my Google search, I do not even consider my piano moving competitors. Have you noticed when you click on the results, most the companies you click on, take you to a household mover website which might have a piano mover page in it? When you see links or webpages for top pianos movers, listed on platforms like, Yelp, Homestar’s, or online directories, etc. Do you also notice that most of their referrals or reviews are for household moving? Not piano moving!

So lets use some common sense here to answer your question.

Who do I consider a piano mover?

Personal, I consider a person a piano mover, if they move a minimum of one to five pianos per day. If you do NOT move at least one piano per day, do NOT call yourself a piano mover. You are embarrassing yourself and the whole piano moving industry. I am not saying that you cannot do it, I am however saying, that I personally would NOT call you a piano mover based on my criteria. I would probably call you a mover that moves the occasional piano. I’ll explain that a little further down in this article.

The only person I would consider making an exception too, is a mover in a small town where the quantities of pianos being moved in that area, does meet the one per day criteria that you would see in larger cities. I will give them the benefit of the doubt, because they are as close as you are going to get for their particular area.

Who do I consider experienced piano movers?

In any industry, having a minimum of two years experience, is a must, to even be considered as experienced at anything. Unfortunately, we all know a number of people with five, ten or twenty years experience, who we would not consider experienced at their job. So time doing a job, can be a misleading thing, but current reputation is not.

To answer this question, I personally would say that a piano mover that has been doing this for a minimum of two years AND has a good current reputation in the piano moving industry, would be a good candidate for being considered an “experienced”.

Do all the members of your moving team need to be fully experienced on your piano move?

You would think the answer to this question would be an obvious: “Yes!”

The funny thing is, in reality, that is not how the moving industry works. Ideally we would like EVERYONE to be fully experienced, but in reality, the moving industry suffers from a high turn over. It is hard to find people that would like to do this all of their life. Surprise, surprise! There are almost always at any given time, new movers being trained in ANY moving or delivery company. This is one of the reasons, I like to use the word: “Current”. This is not what you generally want to hear, but it is a hard truth for the moving industry that is not generally talked about.

The real key in the moving industry, is the team leader and the person(s) who trained them. As long as all the movers on the team, can follow the leaders instructions and they have a great team leader who has been well trained, your move will get done safely.

Question: Who trained the people you are thinking for using? What experience did they have?

Why do household movers advertise as if they are professional piano movers?

To get your household move!

A lot of you, like the idea of one mover for everything. I am not saying that this is a bad idea and I am not saying that it won’t work out for you. I will tell you, that your odds are slim to none, that you will be hiring the best piano mover for your job, if you hire a household mover to move your piano. After all, how can they be the best or top one out there, if they spend most their time moving houses and not pianos?

How many pianos does a household mover do?

This varies from mover to mover, so lets try and use some common sense to answer this question.

Say the average household mover moves one house per day and works five days a week. Let’s say that one in ten people actually own a piano. That means that the average household mover, moves one piano every other week. Two per month which would mean twenty four total pianos per year. Let’s say that one in four of those people, actually own a grand piano. That would mean they move one grand piano every other month or six grand pianos total per year. This calculation is based on the “law of averages”.

How many pianos does a piano mover do?

This again varies, so let try the same “law of averages” formulas to get a better idea.

I said that a real piano mover needs to move at least one to five per day. So lets use two for our illustration, which I think is a conservative number for a real piano mover. They work five days a week, so that would be 10 pianos per week. Fifty work weeks in a year, would mean 500 per year. Like above, if one in four were grand pianos, that would be 125 grand pianos per year.

Question: Do you want the mover that does 6 grand pianos per year or the one that does 125?

I saw them on YouTube or their website!

I personally cringe every time I look at other companies website pictures and/or see their videos of piano moving on YouTube.

Some of them might think the same thing of us. I won’t deny, we have some really amazing or crazy pictures out there too, depending on your viewpoint. The reason why I cringe, I have over 30 years of real piano moving experience. I have seen almost every possible type of piano move and difficulty level out there, that you could imagine. I have personally trained a number of new piano movers from scratch to become experienced piano movers over those years. I know firsthand, what is a good job and what is a bad job in our business. The number of pictures and videos out there, where companies show accidents waiting to happen or piano moving accidents as a good job, is simply incredible.

The funniest part: “ignorance is bliss”. Most of the general public has no idea what is a good piano move or a bad one. There is no school or standard rating out there, for a moving company to meet with piano moving. It is all in house training and you having to take their word for it. For me, it really all comes down to who is training these movers?

Question: Do you want the mover trained by the guy that does a minimum 6 grands per year or the one that was trained by the guy that does at least 125?

We have an internal saying about website advertising in our company. “Is it a cookie cutter website?” Most moving company websites are not made by movers. You notice that they all look the same and say the same things that you want to hear? With no real obvious differences. I am just saying, I think there is a reason why… and I would rather go with the person I can see actually do what I am asking.

Standard piano mover picture of a mover moving a white upright piano from shutterstock.
Standard piano mover picture of a mover moving a white upright piano from Shutterstock.

Do you recognize this guy or one of his buddies on some of the websites you have looked at? According to the internet: He works everywhere and for a large assortment of household movers across the continent.

Why do I consider Braymore the best?

  • Braymore has been in the business since 1981.
  • Braymore has the real experience and longevity to prove it. Ask around.
  • Braymore is an industry household name in our area for piano moving.
  • Braymore is the largest piano moving company in our area.
  • Braymore offers more piano moving related services then any of its competitors.
  • Braymore piano movers have to meet my expectations, not yours.
    My standards are a lot higher then most people in the piano moving industry.
  • Braymore trains it’s own movers, in house. Six months here, is more industry piano moving experience then most movers would get over the course of ten years, elsewhere moving pianos. The numbers above speak for themselves.
  • Read our reviews. Our customers like our workmanship.
  • And… There are lots of reviews that are actually about the service we are advertising which is piano moving, not moving your house.

As you can tell, this article, is not a list of piano movers in a given area and how I would rate them. It hopefully gives you an idea of what I consider would make the best piano mover in any area. A guideline of how to weed through the rest to find the best.

For those of you not in our area. I hope you can use this type of common sense, to help you determine who your best choice piano mover is in your area.

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