Moving Humber College

Setting up a grand piano in one of Humber College's new music classrooms in Toronto.

We would like to thank our friends in the music department for allowing us to help them with their big piano moves. In 2024, Humber College built its new Music building, which, of course, required all its pianos to be moved from the old building to the new one. As you can imagine, we moved … Read more

Crane Services

Craning a hot tub over a house and into a backyard.

One of the first questions that we get asked is: “What crane services do you offer?” Knuckle Crane Service Our claim to fame in the crane industry, is our famous knuckle cranes. These machines have the unique ability for the boom to change the direction that it is traveling mid-point. The reason why this service … Read more

Moving a Piano

Rolling an upright piano out the front door on a piano moving dolly.

There is a number of questions you need to answer before moving a piano. Who do you get to move your piano? Moving a piano yourself: Let’s be honest: This is your cheapest option if you have the strength, equipment and moving expertise to do it. Who will care more about your piano than you? … Read more

Piano Moving Company

Tipping a grand piano to place dolly under it.

Any piano owner will tell you that finding the right piano moving company for your next move is critical. Pianos are heavy, awkward to handle and require real expertise and experience to move. You do not want just any mover handling your piano. Thinking like that is an accident waiting to happen. Do you really … Read more

Cost to rent a Crane Truck

Guiding Swim spa into place in backyard.

Basically, this is the number one question people have when looking to rent a crane: “How much will it cost to rent a crane truck?” Unfortunately, there are many variables that determine the cost of renting a crane. Let’s break them down and simplify the process for you. You first have to determine which level … Read more

Crane Backup Generator

BG Lift M400 crane generator

How do you get large heavy backup generator delivered into difficult locations around your home. On this particular job, we are delivering a backup generator to a large estate home that wants minimal damage to their landscaping. The generator has to pass thru a large section of grass and over a follow bed to get … Read more

Crane Manbasket

Using a manbasket on a crane to reach some difficult locations.

With so many lifting options out there, why would you want to consider using a crane manbasket? Crane man baskets are great for getting to hard reach places. Especially if it is used in conjunction with a knuckle crane. Sissor lifts require flat ground to operate on. Telehandlers require a straight line between the machine … Read more

Crane Grand Piano onto balcony

Braymore Piano Movers crane grand piano onto a balcony.

What do you do when your grand piano will not fit up the staircase to the second or third floor? You look for ways to lift or crane it up there. If you have a balcony, craning your grand piano is a very good solution. Braymore is the only company in Ontario that moves pianos … Read more

Mini Crane in downtown Toronto

Mini Crane HVAC unit in downtown Toronto

Let be honest. Craning in the city can be a real pain some days, especially downtown Toronto. Welcome to College and Yonge, just north of the Eaton center. For this customer, it was a nightmare trying to get the city to allow him to replace his HVAC units. It was actually being called the impossible … Read more

Mini Crane Swim Spa into Basement

Mini Crane Swim Spa into basement

In our business you get asked a lot of crazy things. On this day we were asked to get a 14 foot long swim spa into a basement opening that is only 13.5 feet long. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that it does not fit. Swim spas are not light … Read more