Glass Manipulator

Glass Manipulator for Cranes What is one of the biggest problems faced with glass installers of large panes and windows? It is getting a glass manipulator when you really need to use one. The second problem is to coordinate the crane rental and the glass manipulator rental for the same day and time. There is … Read more

Building Cottage on an Island

Building Cottages on an Island Crane solutions for islands Bigger is not always better in the crane world. Mini cranes give you a whole bunch of new options for building your dream island cottage. Since mini cranes can get right in there, they do not need to be as large to do the same work … Read more

Knuckle Boom Crane

Knuckle Boom Crane As cities grow, the space to work in to lift things, shrink. Your typical stick boom cranes are fantastic for working in open space construction sites. But what do you do in mature neighborhoods or tight city work spaces? Knuckle Boom cranes to the rescue. What is a knuckle boom? The best … Read more

Mini Crane lifting a Swim Spa

BG Lift M400 mini crane lifting a swim spa onto a patio.

Mini Crane lifting a Swim Spa A picture is worth a thousand words. Sometimes you have to see it firsthand to understand how a smaller mini crane might be solution for your particular craning need. There is always more than one way to do something. Craning is no different. On this job we decided to … Read more

Mini Cranes – Going where others cranes can not go

Mini Cranes Going where other cranes cannot Go! As cities grow, neighborhoods compress. Roads get busier, landscaping changes, trees get bigger, driveways and yards get smaller. Where a typical stick crane used to work 20-50 years ago, they no longer have any hope of getting your crane job done now. So, what other crane options … Read more

Crane on an Island

Crane on an Island As soon as you leave the city and start going into rural areas like cottage country and private islands, crane and lifting options shrink fast. Access to these places are a big deal, you have enough problems getting your car or yourself in, let alone a delivery truck or a large … Read more