Crane Services

One of the first questions that we get asked is: “What crane services do you offer?”

Knuckle Crane Service

Our claim to fame in the crane industry, is our famous knuckle cranes. These machines have the unique ability for the boom to change the direction that it is traveling mid-point. The reason why this service is so popular, because it allows smaller cranes to perform similar lifts that would normally require a much larger stick cranes to do. This greatly reduces the length of boom required in making the lift. It also always us to rig the freight much closer to the boom, reducing the amount of swing movement. Providing a much smoother and safer lift. It has also saved a number of our customers a lot of money, not having to rent the larger more expensive cranes.

Landing an HVAC unit on a stand on a downtown commercial building rooftop.
Using a knuckle boom crane to reach in and place an HVAC unit on a stand.

Mini Crane Service

While large cranes are great and powerful, a lot of jobs require more finesse than they are capable of. Since mini cranes by their definition are small, they are able to travel into many locations that would otherwise be considered impossible for their larger counter parts. These cranes run on tank tracks that allow them to travel across uneven ground, so they can deploy in locations that traditional trucks are unable to get to. Since they can get much closer to the lifting area, they do not need to be as big and strong, to make the exact same lift.

BG Lift M400 Mini crane in backyard being used to lift large steel beams in construction of a backyard addition to a house.
Mobile Mini crane with a knuckle boom attached to it working in the backyard of a house under construction.

Swim Spa Crane Service

A number of our larger knuckle cranes were designed, specifically with lifting swim spas in mind. Our larger mini cranes were also chosen for lifting swim spas and hot tubs in tight locations and laneways where full size cranes are to big to deploy. Braymore is the industry leader when it comes to craning swim spas. Check out our swim spa crane gallery or our youTube channel to see more of what we do.

Palfinger PK135002 lifting a swim spa over a house.
This crane was customized for delivering swim spas and hot tubs over houses.

Glass Crane Service

While we are new to the glass industry. Glass and window installers are quickly realizing that our specialty cranes are the missing link to glass installation. Since our specialty cranes are designed for smooth precision on difficult lifts. It is the natural solution that they have been searching for decades. The combination of glass manipulator, knuckle crane and mini crane has opened the doors to simplifying many glass installations that were previously considered very complex and dangerous to do.

BG Lift crane lift glass pane on window renovation.
Crane large piece of glass.

Looking for a particular crane service not listed here? Check out our crane photo gallery to see other work that we have done. Talk to one of our crane specialists to help you determine which crane equipment would best machine to meet your needs.

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