Crane Galleries


Talk is cheap!

A picture is worth
a thousand words.

Let us show you some real crane jobs that Braymore does on a regular basis. Click on one of the following pictures to see more of what Braymore has done for other customers like yourself.

Crane air conditioning units onto roof tops and balconies.
Air Conditioning
Crane Fridge onto balcony.
Crane lifting heavy awkward statue onto front lawn.
Art Work and Sculptures
Craning on a construction site.
Construction Materials
Flatbed truck and trailer transporting large swim spas to customer locations.
Flatbed Delivery
Using a spider crane to lift a china unit 4th floor balcony
BG Lift M400 crane backup generator
Backup Generator
Craning large glass window onto roof top balcony.
Glass Windows
Hot tub flying over a house by crane.
Hot Tub
Using a spider crane to lift a large HVAC unit onto a roof top from a back laneway.
crane bags of soil onto roof top.
Landscape Materials
Using a mini crane to assemble a prefab container tiny home in a laneway in downtown Toronto.
Laneway Homes
Using a crane man basket to do some work on a house
Man Basket Work
Crane Grand piano into loft window in downtown Toronto.
Lifting roof trusses onto roof of home.
Roof Trusses
Placing a shipping container that is being repurposed into a new storage area.
Shipping Containers
Craning Steel Beam into house
Steel Beams
Landing a swim spa into a backyard with a crane
Swim Spa
Craning a fiberglass swimming pool over a house.
Swimming Pools
Knuckle crane assisting in loading heavy items onto boat.
Knuckle crane assisting in loading heavy items onto boat.

You can see first hand why our customers love us and keep calling us back. These cranes are amazing, but it is our operators that really make the magic happen.

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