Moving a Piano

There is a number of questions you need to answer before moving a piano.

Who do you get to move your piano?

  • Are you going to move it yourself?
  • Let your household mover move it with the rest of your stuff?
  • Hire a professional piano mover?
Rolling an upright piano through a backyard.
Rolling an upright piano through a backyard.

Moving a piano yourself:

Let’s be honest: This is your cheapest option if you have the strength, equipment and moving expertise to do it. Who will care more about your piano than you? Unfortunately, moving a piano requires a minimum of two good movers. Yes, I know there are a few videos on youTube of people moving a piano by themselves. But lets call a spade a spade, that is just plain dumb and an accident waiting to happen. So, the real question you need to ask, is do you have a friend or family member available to help you move your piano? And will they still be your friend afterwards!

Getting your household mover to move your piano:

Household movers are great at moving your standard household items. That is what they do everyday. If your piano move is basic, that is a real consideration for you to consider and there are a number of household movers that will tell you they are experienced at doing it. Unfortunately, what they do not explain, is how little experience they have when compared to a professional piano mover. If they are a good household mover, they should have the strength and basic spatial awareness required. What most of them lack, is the right equipment to move pianos and the expertise to avoid obvious mistakes that can cause serious damage to your piano or your home.

Hiring a professional piano mover:

This may sound like the most expensive option in the list, but most times when you do the real math it usually comes out as the cheapest. There are a couple factors that most people forget.

  • They have the right equipment, you do not need to buy or rent it.
  • They know what they are doing and are faster at it. Time is money.
  • Insurance. Hiring a professional piano mover is like putting snow tires on your car. It saves you in future damage claims. This is critical when dealing with family heirlooms. Pianos are priceless for some people.
  • Not everything can be repaired or replaced. If something does go wrong, can you fix or replace it. Better to avoid the problem completely than to try and deal with this potential outcome.

Piano Moving Equipment

Most people do not even think about this, when planning their move. They just assume that any dolly available can handle an unlimited amount of weight. Unfortunately, most household movers also think this way also and have actually no idea what their equipment is rated for. Most standard moving equipment that they use has gotten significantly cheaper in quality over the last few decades, especially moving equipment sourced and supplied from China.

What happens when the wheel on your dolly can not support the weight? It buckles and breaks as you are rolling the piano and the piano comes tumbling over onto you, the mover, another object you own, or some part of your home like a wall or floor. This can get expensive really quick. The cheaper moving equipment out there that most people use, has a fairly short lifespan. Meaning, it might work for a few moves, but after the fifth or sixth, it is anyone’s guess as to when it will give out. Having the right equipment that is rated for the weights being moved is critical to making sure your move is a success. Unfortunately, most equipment rental companies do not rent the equipment that you need.

Piano Moving Truck

Do you have a way of securing the piano so that it does not move around while driving? This is probably the most overlooked item when people rent a truck. Most rental trucks do not have a great way of doing this and have a tie bar at best. Will your piano start smashing into things as you drive? Are the straps you purchased strong enough to hold the weight of the piano in place? Cannot tell you how many times I see people buy cheap straps from Canadian Tire that are great for securing lots of things, just not pianos. This includes household movers and amateur piano movers. Most household movers, do not strap anything in their trucks. They pressure load them. Do you want your piano buried in the truck, with everything else stacked on top of it? One of the biggest advantages to hiring a professional, is that their truck and straps are ordered and designed specifically for securing pianos in mind. This point should never be overlooked.

Using a truck tailgate to lift upright piano onto truck.

Which option is best?

No one can choose for you. You will have to evaluate your piano move and the options you have available in your area to see what makes the most sense for you. We can however, tell you that from talking with other piano owners that have tried all three methods. That hiring a piano mover is their recommended option and that they will never go back to the other two. Why? Peace of mind and knowing that the job will get done correctly and safely.

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