Below you’ll find unique piano moves showcasing ornate, high-end pianos, unusual projects like suspending a grand piano in a picture frame and even boating a studio piano across a Muskoka Lake! You’ll recognize brands like Yamaha, Steinway, Kawai, Young Chang, Samick, and Heintzman, as well as more elite brands like Schimmel, Bosendorfer and Fazioli. Who knows, maybe one day your piano move will be shocased here too!


Looking for some more piano moving pictures?

Baldwin Grand Piano from 2010 Vancouver Olympics
Taking an upright piano apart to fit down a staircase
Pushing a grand piano up a spiral staircase
Pushing an apartment size upright piano up a switch back staircase
Sliding a grand piano through a basement window since it would not fit down the stairs
Lifting a grand piano through a window that could not make a tight turn inside house
Tipping a Steinway 9′ concert grand piano
Lifting a grand piano through a basement window that could not fit on staircase
Craning an upright piano to a second floor balcony that would not fit upstairs
Using a Genie lift to get grand piano up to the second floor that could not fit on the staircase
Taking an upright piano up a couple flights of stairs outside a home in Toronto
Taking a grand piano down some porch steps in the winter time

Being in the piano moving business for over 40 years, means that we have seen a lot and been asked to do a lot of difficult piano moves over the years. There is no such thing as sending your kid to piano moving school to become a good piano mover. Good piano movers learn by trial and error and passing that experience on to those they work with, so the next generation does not have to learn the hard way. Piano movers are only as good as the company that is mentoring them. It is an industry know fact that crappy moving companies produce crappy movers and good moving companies produce good movers. Do not settle for ill equipped, inexperienced piano movers. Get your piano moved with the right movers that know the best way to get it done safely.

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