The Challenge: Ornate, golden filgree and one-piece construction. Non-removable legs are unusal and present significant logistical challenges.

The Solution: Extra resources on the job. Along with custom-designed and fabricated rigging to allow moving the instrument in one piece.

Braymore uncrated and inspected this piano to determine its moving requirements. It is a custom designed instrument with fixed piano legs that can snap without the utmost in care. The ability to remove legs and separate the sections of a piano is one of the things that allows piano movers to do their magic. But this beautiful instrument needed to be moved as one solid object. This is not a move that regular household movers or even basic piano movers can manage. Braymore is the only piano mover in Ontario with resources to do this job, including a properly equipped warehouse, specialized moving equipment and extra team members.

Uncrating and inspection at warehouse.
Mavouevering instrument into special rigging.
This job needs a forklift and additional team members.
Preparing for the piano move
Love those tailgates
Onto the terrace.
Through the threshold.
Seven team members on the job!
Carefully removing custom rigging.
Time to attach the piano lid.
Final playment.
A stunning showpiece.

One of the reasons why our customers like using Braymore Piano Movers, is our experience. Braymore has over 40 years of piano moving experience. It has been around long enough to see the unexpected and large enough to know how to deal with it.