The Challenge: What do you do when you want to hang a 1,000-lb., 9-foot Concert Grand Piano on a wall, like a picture, over 8 feet in the air?

The Solution: Think outside the box! Design a custom skid to prop and suspend piano while moving it into place. Figure a way to lift it, line it up and hang it within limited working space.

How do you hang a 9-foot Concert Grand Piano in a picture frame like this?
Building a hook to support the instrument’s weight.
Braymore designed a custom rig to lift this piano into the air.
Performing a dry run in the warehouse.
Getting the space ready for the big lift.
Showtime! Time to see the hard planning pay off.
These lifts are operating on an 8-ft high balcony.
Lining piano up so to hook onto the frame.
That’s it! Remove the lift.
Hanging a 9 foor concert grand on the wall of the Royal Conservatory
There it is, one piano picture, custom ordered.
A unique move that few other than Braymore can accomplish!
See it for yourself at the Royal Ontairo Conservatory in Toronto.