Building Cottages on an Island

Crane solutions for islands

Bigger is not always better in the crane world. Mini cranes give you a whole bunch of new options for building your dream island cottage.

Mini Crane on barge
Offloading crane onto island
Mini crane travelling to island on a barge
Mini crane driving up a hill
Travelling where other cranes cannot go. Mini cranes are much lighter then your typical crane truck and can travel on much smaller barges that you will see on smaller lakes. Their tank tracks also give them that advantage of travelling over uneven terrain to get them where you need to go.

Since mini cranes can get right in there, they do not need to be as large to do the same work that other larger cranes would normally be considered needed.

Crane lifting beams into place for assembling frame of cottage.
Crane lifting beams into place for assembling frame of cottage.
Crane steel beams on island
Mini Crane assembling cottage

Outdoor Forklift with a Man Basket

Outdoor Forklift on Island
Zoom Boom Forklift on island

Your typical contractor will often use ladders for doing a lot of this type of work. It is generally assumed that ladders are the only equipment able to work in this type of environment. On this particular job site, we realized that having a mobile man basket would make this job a lot easier and safer to do. It also allows the contractors to bring a bunch of tools with them into the air, speeding up the job significantly. Using a zoom boom forklift with a man basket, gave us the option to lift both materials, tools and people. Making this job site 10 times safer then before and much more productive.

Assembling cottage steel frame on island

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