Why choose Braymore?

Reasons why you should use Braymore


Braymore has the highest standards when it comes to piano moving. At Braymore we take moving very seriously and are always looking for better ways to do what we do safely. Braymore has the best equipped trucks and crews to move your piano and to get the job done right. Do not take our word for it.  Ask around and you will quickly find out that Braymore is know as the best in our field for moving pianos and doing difficult crane lifts.   Moving at a higher standard! 


For Pianos: Braymore is the leading expert when it comes to piano moving in Ontario. Braymore does work for almost every major piano supplier that sells in Canada.  Braymore handles more pianos than anyway company in Canada (fact). Whenever anyone wants to make sure the job is done right and smoothly, Braymore is their first choice.

Craning: Braymore is a specialty crane service using some of the most advanced cranes on the market. A number of large local crane companies sub us out for the jobs that they know that they cannot do. That says something!

For Swim Spa: Braymore has the best equipment for lifting and moving swim spas to customer locations. Braymore works with all the local movers and stores to make things happen smoothly. Braymore is known as the swim spa craning expert across Ontario.

Braymore is a real corporation/company

Braymore is not some small outfit working out of their home and calling public storage our warehouse. Braymore has a real office, a real warehouse you can drive too and custom trucks to prove it. Do not take our word for it.  Google us and see. 

You get who you hired

There are freight brokers and stores out their that quote jobs like piano moving and then sub contract it out to other companies.  This sometimes works out for people and sometimes they are surprised by who shows up at their door.  I have seen freight brokers use pictures of one company to sell their service and than send another in its place because it was cheaper for them; so that they could make more money.  The movers that comes could have lots or next to no experience and there is no way for you to know the difference until it is too late. With Braymore, when you book with us, you are always getting Braymore and if we do need to sub a part of your move out, we let you know.

Braymore tells you the real facts about insurance

Lots of companies tell you they are fully insured and that is probably, but not always true.  They are hoping that you stop asking questions there or hope that nothing goes wrong on the job, so that they do not have to back up that statement.  Just because they are insured, does not mean that you are!
The law of the land does not support this statement (fully insured) and the law limits the movers exposure on used items to $0.60 per pound unless additional insurance is purchased and declared on the bill of lading.  The average piano weighs about 500 pounds which equates to $300 insurance less deductible.  There are only a couple pianos over a 1000 pounds which would be $600 insurance.  You would be shocked how many items get shipped or moved with minimal insurance. How much is your piano worth to you?  Don’t assume that you are fully insured, because the mover says he is.  The law says: If the mover doesn’t ask you the value of your piano and record it on the order when you book and you are not smart enough to ask and give it, you are not fully insured, you are just insured for default cartage values which is NOT fully insured.

Braymore is not a Household Mover

This is not a knock against household movers, as there are a number out there that are very good at what they do: household moving. Unfortunately many household movers say and advertise they can move pianos to get household moving jobs.  This can especially be a problem when sales reps walk through your home, leaving you with the impression that it is not a problem.  In the piano moving world: He/she is not a piano moving expert and household movers will often separate the piano move quotation from the rest of the job for this reason.  Often the information about the piano move does not get communicated properly to the sales rep and household movers. Even if it did, it does not always matter.  Most household movers do not have much piano moving expertise or have all the equipment necessary to do it smoothly, if any piano moving equipment at all.  They rely on their extra manpower available on the household move to get the job done: think Red Green piano moving.  This is sometimes done successfully and sometimes an absolute disaster.  This sometimes also means your piano gets left behind or left on the main floor or in the garage.  I heard many people say it is the movers problem to figure it out, but when your house is closing and you might lose possesion of it if you are not out in time: who’s problem is it really?  What many do not realize is that many of the  large movers will sub contract out the more difficult moves or their VIP customers to the piano moving experts – like Braymore Piano Movers.


Anyone can put references on their website to say whatever they want, and we have lots of letters from customers too.  The problem is: I have seen websites with references of famous people or companies that would not know who they are, let alone recommend or touch them with a ten foot pole.  The best references are from the people and companies you know and trust.  Ask around to people, stores and technicians you trust.  We could supply you with a list of major companies that use us regularly, but we at that confident in our piano moving, crane skill and reputation that if you ask around on your own, you will realize what we already know.  That Braymore is the right Mover for you!

Homestars is a great place to look: If you would like to see some of the letters that people have written to a 3rd party company. Their goal is to provide reviews to the general public the companies cannot tamper with.  Here is a link to some of the reviews Homestars has received about our company.