Mini Cranes

Going where other cranes cannot Go!

As cities grow, neighborhoods compress. Roads get busier, landscaping changes, trees get bigger, driveways and yards get smaller. Where a typical stick crane used to work 20-50 years ago, they no longer have any hope of getting your crane job done now.

So, what other crane options are out there?

Mini Cranes to the rescue!

Mini Crane squeezing between two houses

What sets the mini crane apart from their larger counter parts, is their ability to travel where other cranes cannot go.

These cranes can travel through narrow spaces and setup in a smaller footprint then your typical crane truck.

Bigger is NOT always better!

Crane squeezing thru backyard gate

Why work from the front, when the back is closer?

In this next photo, you can see how a mini crane is able to work in a backyard to help construct an addition onto the back of this home. While these steel beams are extremely heavy, the mini crane is still able to do all the heavy lifting. This is because the lifting distance is much shorter, than using a typical large crane that is working from the front driveway. The shorter the distance reached, the less lifting power required to make the lift. It makes this particular job much safer!

Mini crane in backyard being used to lift large steel beams in construction of a backyard addition to a house.

It does not matter how big and powerful the crane is,
if it cannot get to where it needs to do the work.

BG Lift Crane concrete blocks

Experts at working in tight spaces

One of the biggest advantages for using a mini crane that most contractors love, is that their product is not swinging by a hundred foot cable. With shorter rigging, means less swinging. Less swinging, means more control and better precision placement. More controls means that it is less likely that their item, property or people are going to get damaged.

The picture below shows a mini crane lifting a thousand pound backup generator onto a concrete pad in a very awkward spot. These installers were very grateful that they did not have to lift it over.

Using a mini crane to lift a backup generator onto a concrete pad.

For a lot of people, mini cranes, open doors that you would never have considered until you see them in action. For some applications, smaller is definitely better! All cranes run on the exact same principles. What weight would you like to lift at what distance from the crane. The only question that now arises, is where are you going to park the crane to work?

In conclusion, if you would like to learn more about mini cranes, call one of our crane specialists. They would happy to help you see which mini crane would work best for your lift.

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