Crane on an Island

As soon as you leave the city and start going into rural areas like cottage country and private islands, crane and lifting options shrink fast. Access to these places are a big deal, you have enough problems getting your car or yourself in, let alone a delivery truck or a large crane. Each location has its own unique quirks or problems, so what options are out there to help you solve them?

This is one of those areas where mini cranes really shine.

Mini Crane on island assembling a house

Why are mini cranes a good solution for you?

  • Small and maneuverable to drive around.
  • Lighter than your average crane so they can travel on smaller barges to remote islands.
  • Drive on tank tracks. They can traverse rough, uneven terrain that not even your car or pickup truck can travel on.
  • They have an amazing amount of lifting power for such a small machine.
  • Knuckle crane versions of the mini cranes are highly maneuverable.
Mini crane offloading off a barge to go work on an island

When you can get the crane closer to where you need to work, it does not need to be biggest machine out there. In fact, mini cranes are sometimes a better choice for getting your lifts done and a much safer way to do it.

BG Lift assembling house on an island
Using a BG Lift mini crane to assemble a house on a remote island.

Want to learn more?

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Crane on an Island

Mini knuckle crane travelling on barge to an island construction site.