Who is the best piano movers?

Everyone wants the best. But how does anyone determine who is the best piano mover? There is no piano moving school or certification for piano movers. Everyone claims they are the best choice and expect you to take their word for it. Different people have different experiences and biases against moving companies. But how do you really know who is the best?

Let’s make a simple list to work with:

  • Years of experience?
  • Source of training?
  • Reputation?
  • References & Reviews?
  • Do they cover all parts of the industry?
  • What else do they do?
Steinway Piano Gallery in Mississauga

Let’s answer these questions using Braymore Piano Movers as our example.

Years of piano moving experience?

Braymore Piano Movers started in 1981. This company has over 40 years of real industry experience. It is a well-known fact that Braymore has been the largest piano mover serving southern Ontario for most of this time. Anyone in the piano industry has heard of Braymore Piano Movers.

Taking an upright piano up a couple flights of stairs outside a home in Toronto

Source of piano moving training?

Braymore Piano Movers started with some fantastic piano movers, which is how they quickly became the largest piano movers in the area. They learned and adapted, creating some of the best methods for moving pianos. Since there is no school for piano moving, Braymore teaches all its movers in-house the best methods and techniques for moving pianos. One of the great things about being the largest is that, over time, you have more opportunities to encounter almost every type of situation. This gives the company even more experience in refining these technics into industry-proven standards.

Braymore sets the highest bar for piano moving in our area.

Hanging a concert piano on the wall like a piece of art.
Hanging a concert piano on the wall like a piece of art at the Royal Conservatory in Toronto.


Braymore Piano Movers has one of the best reputations in the piano industry for moving pianos. While no one is perfect, Braymore has a fantastic reputation and track record for getting the job done safely, with the least amount of accidents.

What more could you ask for?

Pushing a grand piano up a spiral staircase
Pushing a grand piano up a spiral staircase

References and Reviews?

Braymore has always been a firm believer in getting references from non-biased parties. Never take the mover’s word for it, including our own. Ask around and see what others are saying. Google and Homestar reviews are a great starting place.

Braymore has always had great online reviews.

Braymore won

Do they do everything in that industry?

Braymore Piano Movers offers more piano moving services than any other company in our area.

Braymore does not directly tune or sell pianos, as these are considered separate professions in the piano industry. This would also be a conflict of interest to all the piano stores and piano tuners that we do work for.

What else do they do?

While a few moving companies claim to move ONLY pianos, most movers do other work besides piano moving. This is because there is not enough work for them only to move pianos.

Great piano movers are constantly asked to move other items once customers see how careful they are with the piano. Braymore is no exception. Our specialty moving and crane rental divisions were born from our piano moving service. Customers loved our service so much that they pushed for other niche items like pianos for which they had trouble finding a good moving service.

Moving a priceless Egyptian sarcophagus lid.
Moving a priceless Egyptian sarcophagus lid.

Who is the best piano mover?

Everyone knows that all movers are NOT equal. While we would always argue that Braymore is the best piano mover choice in Ontario. We are biased, and it is not our place to say who is the best. It is yours, the consumer’s place, to determine the best choice for piano moving. Do you need help figuring out how to pick the best piano mover? Click here.

We hope that after doing your research, you will agree with our assessment.

Check out our website and see firsthand the level of experience Braymore has.

Kid thinking while playing the piano.

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Please take time after your piano move to leave a review to let others know about your personal experience. This way, people like yourself will have an easier time researching what to expect from the movers they are considering.