Piano Disposal

Is your piano at the end of its life? Does it require you to spend more on it, then it is actually worth? Is it too outdated that nobody is interested in taking it? Sounds like it may be time to send your piano to piano heaven.

How do you get rid of a piano?

Unfortunately, your regular garbage pickup will not pickup your old piano. Even if you get it to the curb. So your only real option, is to hire a piano mover to take it away to the local dump or a recycling facility. We know that this will be sad day for a number of people out there, but these days, it is the only real viable option available.

Most junk disposal companies also will not take pianos away for liability reasons. They do not want their workers injured, doing something they are not trained to handle. The other reason why you want a piano mover to do it, is to protect your home on its departure. You may no longer care if the piano gets damaged, but normally when something gets damaged, it is because two things collide. Is that other item your walls, floor, another piece of furniture in your home or a human being. We always recommend hiring a professional piano mover for safety reasons.

Upright Piano falling down the stairs

How much does it cost to get rid of my piano?

This varies between moving companies and the difficulty of the piano move to get it out. Most companies will charge the standard piano moving fee and a disposal fee to cover the disposal charges of wherever it ends up. These two fees will depend on the type of piano you own (Grand vs Upright), difficulty level of getting it out of your home (stairs), and where you live (drive time).

To get the current piano disposal rates, complete our piano moving quote form and click “for disposal” on step 2. This way we can get you a proper quote.

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Pushing an apartment size upright piano up a switch back staircase