Smaller is better!

There is a time and a place for every crane out there.

Not every job needs
the biggest bad boy in town.

Spider crane swim spa into backyard

Spider Crane

How many crane jobs out there have you heard people say: “The crane won’t fit there!” or “That is too far for the crane to reach.”

Spider cranes open new doors to the craning community. The further the distance the less the crane can lift, the bigger the crane needs to be to make that lift. Well what if the crane could move closer? All of a sudden, the crane does not need to be as big to make the exact same lift. Spider cranes have the ability to get closer and go where no crane has gone before. These cranes are excellent for working down tight city laneways or going all terrain, squeezing between houses.

Spider crane lifting hot tub from one backyard to another in Toronto.

BG Lift M400

Lifting large counter tops onto a 3rd floor balcony of a house. Crane parked on a ramp to an underground parking lot where traditional cranes could not go. Cannot use regular cranes on the street without closing the street down and spending a small fortune on street permits and pay duty officers.

What can this crane lift: 900 pounds straight out at 40 feet away. Or 2500 pounds at 20 feet.

BG Lift CWE315

Lifting a 2500 pound HVAC unit onto the roof of a 3 story building in downtown Toronto in a back laneway where regular city crane trucks could not get too.

What can this crane lift: 850 pounds straight out at 75 feet away. 1350 pounds at 60 feet. Or 3400 pounds at 30 feet.

Using a spider crane to lift a swimming pool in a backyard.
Spider crane lifting a swimming pool in a backyard.
Using a spider crane in backyard to lift a hot tub onto a third floor balcony.
A spider crane lifting a China unit onto a condo balcony that is over a parking garage. Regular crane is too heavy for parking garage, spider crane is not.
Lifting steel beams for new home construction and renovations.
Spider crane lifting swim spa in tight backyard under some trees.
Using crane to lift large china unit onto condo balcony.
Lifting a swim spa over a neighbors fence into a backyard.
Using a spider crane to lift a large water feature into place inside a building.
Lifting a large glass pane window with a spider crane.
Spider crane lift glass pane on window renovation.
Spider crane lifting a swim spa behind a cottage.
Lifting an HVAC unit in a downtown back laneway.
Holding a large glass window in place with spider crane for installer.
For this customer, it was all about saving his nice mature trees in his backyard by using a spider crane. As you can tell, it was a very tight fit.

As you can tell, bigger is not always better. These spider cranes have the ability to easily hope fences, garages and other landscaping obstacles. They can also reach up a couple of floors to get those items of furniture that won’t fit up your stairs of your home.

Want to learn more? Contact our crane specialist today! To see if one of these cranes might be right for your particular need.