BG Lift M400

The BG Lift M400 is becoming a contractors dream for doing crane lifts in locations where large cranes cannot go. This mini crane moves on tank tracks allowing it to drive into all kinds of interesting places. On top of that, the M400 has the latest knuckle crane technology in it, to do some of those really tricky lifts.

BG Lift M400 mini crane lifting a swim spa onto a patio.
Working where other cranes cannot go! Lifting a swim spa over some uneven terrain and up onto a raised patio area.

While mini cranes do not have the lifting capacity that they larger cranes do, they do not need too! The point of mini cranes is to get in closer, so that you do not need a larger crane to do the exact same job.

The BG Lift M400 has the ability to lift 900 pounds at 40 feet. 2500 pounds at 20 feet distance. While these may seem like small distances, there are a number of applications where this is perfect. Glass installers love these cranes because they help lift large heavy panes and windows into place so that they do not have too.

It is all about maneuverability!

Craning large glass window onto roof top balcony.
Lifting large glass windows

The above customer was concerned about the weight of a large crane damaging his brand new custom driveway. Mini cranes like the BG Lift M400 are much smaller and lighter than your traditional full size cranes. Giving them deployment options that would never normally be even considered in the crane world.

Mini crane lift items up onto a balcony from an underground parking ramp.
Mini crane lift items up onto a balcony from an underground parking ramp.

As you can tell the BG Lift M400 mini crane is not about power. It is about maneuverability! What good is the most powerful crane out there, if you still cannot reach where you want to go? This crane gives a great mix of size, weight and power to do a number of tricky lifts that normally would not be considered possible.

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