Spydercrane has a real name for itself in the mini crane industry. Known for its spider like legs for outriggers, it is a great tool for many lifting jobs. It uses a traditional stick crane with a winch system for lifting items around. Its duel tank tracks make it ideal for offroad or construction applications.

Working in messy and tight spaces.

Using a spydercrane to lift a swimming pool in a backyard.
Using a SPYDERCRANE to lift a swimming pool into a backyard pit.

Like most mini cranes, it does not have the same lifting power as a full size crane. You do not need as much strength, if you can move right up to beside where you need to lift.

Spydercrane lifting hot tub over back laneway garage.
SPYDERCRANE lifting a hot tub over a downtown back laneway garage into a backyard.

Mini cranes are great in downtown Toronto for driving down tight laneways where large crane trucks cannot go. Narrow alleys, with poor access, that are tight with many utility lines running down them are a big problem in the crane world. They can also fit down some really narrow laneways between houses. Because the spydercrane is like driving a small car, you can get it into some really tight places.

spydercrane lifting a swim spa into a backyard sunken pit.
SPYDERCRANE lifting swim spa and placing into a sunken pit in backyard.

Indoor craning ability

While not a common feature. There are some spydercrane that can run on batteries instead of traditional fuel sources. These cranes are harder to come by, but they can open a whole new set of craning options for indoor applications.

Lifting a water feature inside the attrium of a commercial building.
Using an indoor electric spider crane to lift a heavy water feature into place inside a commercial building.

Driving through tight spaces

We all know that space is a premium on many construction sites. Smaller mini cranes can be a much better solution for deploying around a construction site then trying to bring a large crane that can only work from one point.

Spydercrane can fit through some really tight spaces.
Spydercrane can fit through some really tight spaces.

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