Crane Accessories

When organizing any crane job, you need to make sure you have all the tools required. This means having all the crane accessories or support equipment available to make your lift a success. It can be a very expensive mistake, to have a crane show and not be able to do the lift because you forgot a critical tool needed to complete the job. Worst yet, you did not forget, but the person or company bringing the second tool did not make it.

To help alleviate this problem, Braymore has a number of these tools, that you might be able to rent along side your crane. While we do not have everything you might need, Braymore is a pretty unique company and has a very wide assortment of tools and crane accessories at its disposal.

Glass Manipulator

Craning large glass window onto roof top balcony.
Glass manipulator for craning glass panes and windows.


Using a forklift to offload a glass cutting machine off a 20 foot container.
Using a forklift to offload a glass cutting machine off a 20 foot container so it can be lifted.
Zoom Boom Forklift on island
Zoom Boom forklift with man basket for doing outdoor work.

Man Basket

Using a crane man basket to do some work on a house
Man Basket for crane is a crane accessory to get you where you need to be.


Braymore Piano Movers by the CN Tower in Toronto
Specialty Movers to assist with your crane lift.

Sissor Lift

Sissor lift for working at higher heights.
Sissor lift for working at higher heights.

Spreader bar

Crane air craft over fence at the airport.
Using spreader bar to spread weight out and protect windows of airplane.

Spreader bars are crane accessories used to reduce strap pressure on the item(s) that you are lifting.

Looking for other crane accessories?

When you get a quote to rent any crane, that is all the quote is for. The Operator and the crane. All these other things are what the industry call adders. To figure out what other tools you might need to complete your lift, we always recommend talking to a qualified individual to assist you in planning your lift.

Do not see what you are looking for? Talk to one of our crane specialists about what you are specifically looking for, to see if it is something that we can assist you with.

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