Cost to rent a Crane Truck

Basically, this is the number one question people have when looking to rent a crane. “How much will it cost to rent a crane truck?” Unfortunately there are a lot of variables in determining the cost to rent a crane. Let’s break them down and simplify the process for you.

You first have to determine, which level of crane service are you looking for?

  1. Are you looking for a crane and an operator? Where you are responsible and in charge of the lift. You are doing all the leg work and rigging.
  2. Are you looking for an all inclusive crane service that handles everything for you?

What is industry standard for renting a crane?

If you are looking for just the basics, which is a crane and operator. Where you are the point person in charge of the lift. The base rate of any mobile crane rental is usually rented at an hourly rate. Unfortunately, not all cranes are equal and they all have different rates. Knowing what size of crane you will need, directly affects the hourly rate.

Palfinger 135002 crane swim spa over a house.
This machine knows how to handle swim spas.

So for our example, a smaller traditional stick crane would usually start around $150-200 hour with a 3-4 hour minimum. The minimum operates on an assumption that the crane company can rent the crane at least twice that day. If they have to commit the crane for the whole day to do your job, even though you might not need it for the full day, expect a 6-8 hour minimum. Time is calculated from when the crane leaves their crane yard and ends when it returns back its point of origin. Please note: THEIR yard, NOT your job site, which is a common misconception.

There is also usually a fuel surcharge tacked on top of this which changes every day based on the current fuel prices in your area. As soon as you go to a larger crane, the hourly rate can jump up significantly. The really big cranes can run at over $10,000/day.

If you require any additional crane accessories, manpower, riggers, permits, off duty police, traffic control, support vehicles, equipment or higher levels of insurance. These would all be considered adders, that would be an additional charge on top of the hourly rate. Knowing beforehand, what is considered an additional crane accessory or service, is REALLY important.

What is an all inclusive crane service cost?

You need to call for a specific crane quote on this type of service. There are so many factors that will go into this calculation. There is no specific answer that can be thrown out here. Also, every crane company is different in how they bill some of these options.

Here are some factors that will play into the cost of an all inclusive crane rental:

  1. Size of crane.
  2. Type of crane.
  3. Rental of special crane accessories like chains, special straps, spreader bars or glass manipulators. Anything beyond the main crane hook required to lift your load, would be considered an additional accessory that you need to either provide and/or rent.
  4. Support vehicles to assist the crane. For example, the really large cranes, require support vehicles to carry the crane counter weights to your job site. Or you may need a flatbed truck to assist with the transportation of the goods you are looking to move.
  5. Will a person with rigging experience and a valid rigging license need to be supplied.
  6. Will additional manpower be required to assist the lift? Spotters, tag line operators.
  7. Traffic control equipment and/or additional manpower to regulate traffic.
  8. Government permits to operate at the location.
  9. Off duty police requirements that government/municipality requires at your job site.
  10. Are they required to write up a written lift plan on your behalf for the job site.
BG Lift M400 crane generator
BG Lift M400 mini crane and specialty movers delivering a heavy generator into a backyard.

Very Important:

You have to know the answers to all these questions prior to booking any crane. Not knowing these answers, could cost you a lot more money. Basically, for having to reschedule the crane to come back another day. This would be because, you were not properly prepared or did not do all your due diligence the first time around. We always recommend talking with a crane specialist.

How does Braymore calculate the cost to rent a crane?

We listen to your feedback. While we can quote you industry standard. We realized, that most people in the general public do not like or understand how the crane industry standard works. Industry standard works great in construction where everyone is familiar with it. But, the general public has a very hard time understanding it, so we are trying to use a different model that should make it easier for you to understand.

Cost to rent a crane
What is the real cost to rent a crane?

For the general public, instead of the hourly rate, fuel surcharge system and extra system, we bill a base rate which includes drive-in/out time and one hour of work on site. Any additional hours over that would be at an additional charge. Let us know which extra items need to be included in your rental, we can build those into the base rate, so you have a simple rate that you can fully understand. This reduces the surprises you will get from not understanding industry standard. All we ask, is that you make sure you give us all the information we required to make a proper quote. Not sure what those items are? That’s ok, we always recommend that you always talk to a live person. This way we can walk you through the process to help prevent those types of costly mistakes.

Want to learn more about crane costs?

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