Save Me Calls

We get calls like this every month and decided to record some common ones for you, to help you understand the importance of choosing a reputable piano mover.

Are they a Reliable Piano Mover?

We received a call from a lady who was moving her piano from one room to another for a renovation. Non-reputable piano mover never showed up for 2 days in a row, nor did they apologize for not coming. Piano had to be moved before workers could start renovation job. “How quick can you get here?”

Do you move the piano move yourself?

Couple decided to move their upright piano themselves. We received call asking if there is any way we can come over right away to get piano, because it doesn’t fit in the elevator.

Can your household mover really move the piano?

Household mover calls up and says, “We can’t get the upright piano out of the house, we tried taking it apart as best we could, to get it around the corner, but it still won’t go. You were the first person I could think of to get it out. Would you like to talk to the customer here to arrange completing this move and re-assemble their piano for them.”

Are you setting yourself up for success or failure?

Every month during house closing time – We receive calls regularly asking if there is any way we can come and move their piano right away because their house is about to close. They decided to let the household mover move the piano and when they showed up, the lead mover says “I’m sorry sir, this move is too difficult for us to do and I am not sure how to get it out ” and/or “I don’t have the equipment to move a grand piano”, etc. You get the idea. (Note: These statements are not to put down all household movers, but this unfortunately is a very serious reality that many individuals face at moving time.)

There is a reason why piano moving is a separate profession to itself.

You will see this in any business or moving directory.
Make sure you get a good reputable piano mover to move your piano for you!

Don’t Let This Be You!
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