Grand Piano Moving

When grand pianos range in cost from a couple thousand dollars for a low end used one, to a half a million dollars for a high end concert grand. Most people that are looking to get their grand piano moved, want it done right! While anyone can technically try to move one; only true experts at piano moving have the repeated success and track record of doing it safely. This is why EVERYONE always recommends getting a good piano mover to move their grand piano; separate from their household goods.

Piano moving requires a certain degree of strength, spatial awareness, attention to detail and team work to make it all come together safely. It also requires specific knowledge of how to disassemble and assemble your particular brand of piano. After all, not all pianos are the same and require different tools and technics to move them. Unfortunately not everyone has the sum of all these skills, together.

How to move a grand piano?

While the basic concept of piano moving may look easy when watching a professional do it. There are a lot of subtle things happening in the background with the pros, that most people overlook or have no clue is even happening during their move. This is why hiring a professional is such a good idea.

To move a grand piano you need to know the following:

Assembling a grand piano by attaching the third leg onto the piano.
How to disassemble and reassemble your grand piano. Such as removing piano legs or lyre. This allows your piano to fit through doorways, roll down halls and make tight turns.
Tipping a grand piano to place dolly under it.
Having the necessary strength to lift and/or tip the piano on/off your dolly. Real piano moving is about the art of manipulation, not lifting dead weight.
Rolling grand piano off tailgate of truck and into a customers home.
How to move or transport it on a special dolly or grand piano skid. Basically knowing how to roll or carry a grand piano around without it tipping over.
Lifting grand piano up one step and into doorway of house.
Knowing what hazards to look for that could cause a problem, before they become a problem. Having the ability to get over any stairs that come along the way.

What most people do not realize, is that when something goes wrong on a grand piano move. It happens FAST! If you are not ready for it, or in a prepped defensive position to stop it: Your piano, your property or yourself is going to get damaged faster then you can blink. Statistically, whenever something goes wrong, whatever you thought you were going to save by being cheap, ends up costing you a boatload more. All professional piano movers have many stories of how they end up bailing out individuals or regular movers that ended up getting in over their head on their piano move. The most important thing is not ending up like them.

Lifting a grand piano over a house and onto a backyard second floor balcony.
Craning a grand piano over a house and onto a backyard second floor balcony.

Want to learn more about grand piano moving?

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