Why use a professional Piano Mover?

Sometimes the answer to questions like this are answered by another questions like:
“What will happen if I do not use a professional piano mover?”

Standard piano mover picture of a mover moving a white upright piano from shutterstock.
Standard piano mover picture of a mover moving a white upright piano taken from shutterstock. Meet one of the movers you see on most household mover websites!

As a professional piano mover we get phone calls like this more often than I would like:

Horror Story #1

“Hi my name is Bob and I have household movers here moving my house and they cannot get the piano leg off the grand piano. They don’t know what to do can you tell me how to do it, so we can move today, because my house is closing today. If I don’t get the piano out today, I am at the mercy of the new home owner and could lose my piano.”

Horror Story #2

“Hi my name is Anne. My movers told me they could move my piano as well. They ran it down the stairs into the wall and got stuck. They couldn’t figure out how to make the turn in the staircase, so they left it on the main floor. There is now a huge hole in my wall and the piano has some damage as well where it hit and I still need it taken down the stairs. Can you come and do this for me?”

Upright Piano falling down the stairs
Runaway PIano!

Horror Story #3

“Hi my name is Joe from Basic Mover (names swapped to protect privacy) and I am moving my customers house and cannot figure out how to get the piano out the front door. I think it needs to be taken apart. They need a professional piano mover. Would you be willing to come and take care of piano for my customer?”

Horror Story #4

“Hi my name is Cynthia and I hired some movers to come and move my upright piano, but they took off on me. Can you bail me out? The piano is coming out of the basement. They came and moved the piano to the bottom of the stairs and tipped it onto its side on my ceramic floors (there is no pad on the floor protecting the piano or the floors). They took the wheels off the bottom of the piano to make it easier to slide up the stairs. The mover on the top side of the piano disappeared for a while. The mover on the bottom side began to wonder what happen to his co-worker. He went to the front door and they yelled back forth from the truck to front door what was happening. I was inside and couldn’t hear responses. Next thing I know the other mover runs to the truck, jumps in and they drive away taking the wheels to my piano with them, because they are in one of the movers pockets. The piano is sitting at the bottom of the staircase blocking everything. Can you come do the move and do you know where I can buy some replacement wheels for my piano?”

The take away

When you read stories like this, I think the answer becomes clear. When you are moving, your house is usually closing that week or day. You generally only have one shot to do the piano move right. So to answer the original question of “Why use a professional piano mover?” The answer is simple: To make sure my piano move gets done right the first time! The sad part in our industry is there is no degree or certificate to declare or prove that you are a professional piano mover, so a lot of movers take advantage of the general public ignorance and claim that they are. What’s worst is a lot of movers really think that once they have successfully done it, that they are now a professional, meanwhile you can count with your figures how many times they have actually done it. So how do you the general public determine who is the real professionals in the industry? Read reviews about their workmanship and ask people in the industry like piano stores that sell pianos if they have ever heard about this mover moving pianos before.

How do you know Braymore is a Professional Piano Mover? Simple, don’t take our word for it, ask around to piano stores and read our reviews. Braymore is the largest piano mover in Ontario, that is not a boast, that is a fact and we’d be shocked if you have not heard of us or could not find someone who has not used our service before. Not sure who to ask? Try your local piano store.

Please note names are changed to protect peoples identities and these are real calls that we have received to bail people out of bad situations.

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