Crane Equipment

One of the main reasons people love Braymore Crane, is the fancy cranes we have to play with. Most crane companies buy more basic cranes to do the standard basic lifts. At Braymore, we buy the cranes to help solve problems that other cranes cannot do. Click one of the links below to learn more about our crane equipment and how it might make your job easier to do.

Knuckle Cranes

Knuckle Crane lifting steel out of an open top container.

Meet our knuckle cranes. These cranes have adjustable bending points in the boom to go where others cannot. These knuckles also allow our smaller cranes to reach further since they no longer have to reach as tall as your traditional stick crane.

Mini Cranes – BG Lift & SPYDERCRANE

Spydercrane HVAC unit

Meet our mini cranes which also sometimes get called spider cranes by people in Europe. These mini cranes can go where other crane (including our larger knuckle cranes) can go. It does not matter how big and strong the crane is, it is useless if it cannot reach where you need it to go. While mini cranes are not as strong as our knuckle cranes, their tank tracks and small size, get them into some pretty amazing locations, to pull off some really neat lifts.

Balcony Lifter

Lifting barbeque onto condo building deck.
Lifting barbeque onto condo building deck.

When craning from below is not an option, our balcony lifter can open other doors for craning from above balconies. This small lift can lift some furniture items up onto balconies.

Crane Accessories

Glass manipulator for crane to lift large glass panes and windows.

Sometimes you need more tools then just a crane to get your job done.

Braymore has some additional tools and services available to make your life easier.

Some examples:

Let us know what you are looking for.

Still not sure which equipment is right for your job? Talk to one of our crane specialists to help you determine which crane equipment would best meet your needs.

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