Cross Dock Service

Sometimes the most direct route is not the most economical route. Most companies want to reduce shipping charges wherever they can. Moving your product along the major freight lanes via carriers who regularly drive those routes can save you a lot of money. Consider consolidating shipments and shipping them together part of the way, then splitting the shipment back into its original orders to go to your customers. This practice can prove cost-effective, especially when crossing an international border (i.e. US to Canada).

Braymore is located in Toronto- one of Canada’s major shipping hubs. If you require a warehouse to act as a transfer point between carriers, then Braymore is the solution for you. Whether it be one skid or trailer-load of product, we can fulfill your needs.

Need a place to pool freight so they can ship as one shipment?  Braymore’s storage facilities can take care of this for you so you can ship your shipment as one shipment.