Safe Moving

Let’s be honest.
No one likes moving safes.
They are heavy and very awkward to move.

Safe Moving requires special equipment and know how. One wrong move means things get damaged and people get hurt. Let our experts move your valuables. Braymore is the not your typical moving company. At Braymore we size up every move first to make sure it is safe and do able. If we have any concerns about your job, we let you know before we move. Not afterwards.

Using crane to lift safe out doorway to avoid step.
Prying safe up so it can be moved.
Taking a safe out of a renovation that weighs over 5000 pounds.
Moving safe on flatbed crane truck.
Using forklift to move safe
Using forklift to move large safes onto truck.
Using crane to lift heavy safe over steps.
Using crane to lift heavy safe over steps.
Crane Safe through window of commercial building.