Balcony Lifts

As soon as things get lifted in the air, things get dangerous!  One wrong move, one surprise gust of wind and things could get smashed and people seriously injuried. 

Hoisting a sofa to a 7th floor balcony that would not fit in elevator.

At Braymore, we take hoisting seriously, we check the forcast, customize our equipment (testing weight capacities) and adjust our manpower requirements accordingly to every hoist job we do. We have an assortment of manual and power equipment to try and do each job safely with the least amount of risk to everyone involved. Condo corporations and building managers are very particular about who they allow to do these types of jobs and how they are going to done. They also want to know that they are dealing with a reputable company that is properly insured and not going to disappear at the first sign of trouble.

Zoom Boom a grand piano up to the second floor balcony
Using genie lift to get appliance up onto balcony
Spider crane china unit to 4th floor balcony
Using a crane to lift an upright piano onto a garage balcony that would not fit up the stairs
Using Genie lift to get washer and dryer through second story window
Crane appliance to Juliet balcony.

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