Custom Piano Crating

What do you do when you need to ship something a far distance? Or have to send it through the standard shipping channels and carriers?

You need your piano crated correctly to make sure it will survive the journey safely.

Piano Crating
Piano Crating

Braymore has been in the piano moving business for over 40 years. We get asked this question a lot, as not all piano moves are for a short local distance. Depending how you are shipping your piano and with who will vary on the answer. Do you need a custom wood crate or would a recycled cardboard one do? There are pros and cons to both styles of piano crating.

Braymore unboxes more new pianos than any other mover in our area. Braymore has the ability to rebox your piano in a cardboard manufacture piano crate or build a custom wood crate for your specific needs.

Wrapping pedals for a grand piano that is being crated.
Wrapping pedals for a grand piano.
Placing a grand piano into a cardboard recycled grand piano crate
Placing a grand piano into a cardboard recycled grand piano crate

We receive re-boxed pianos in from all over North America and we have seen first hand what “to do” and “what not to do”. When getting your piano packed up for shipping, you want someone who has seen it all. Just because a piano mover knows how to unbox a piano does NOT mean they know how to rebox it. You want someone experienced! Who knows piano crating and can pack your piano the way it was originally designed to ship by the factory.

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