Craning Furniture

Does not fit in the elevator or up the stairs?

Cranes might be the next best option for you.

Braymore Specialty Movers and Braymore Crane Rental have lots of experience getting those large pieces of furniture in.

Crane appliance onto juliet balcony
Craning a picnic table on to a condo building veranda.
Crane large furniture onto penthouse balcony.
Knuckle cranes give you options for getting furniture onto apartment and condo balconies.
Crane sofa on top of an apartment building
crane pinball machine from third floor balcony
Due to underground parking lot, regular cranes are not allowed here. Spider cranes however are much lighter and were allowed to make the lift.
Crane Sofa onto backyard balcony
Crane china unit up onto a balcony that would not fit elevator or staircase
Crane a loveseat into an apartment building.
Crane 800 pound stone bathtub onto second floor balcony.

Not sure what the best way to crane or hoist your furniture? Talk to one of our crane or moving specialists to see what option and equipment may best suit your need.