Craning Laneway Homes

As cities grow, land becomes a premium. Laneway homes are becoming a new popular item to maximize your properties potential income. While the city of Toronto has changed the zoning to allow these new structures. They have not addressed how to get them into some of these tight locations. Besides traversing the tight narrow laneways, power, cable and telephone lines are other major obstacles that you need to consider when building or buying one.

Most prefab tiny homes or laneway homes require a crane to lift them off the truck and move them into place. Problem: Most standard stick cranes are too large to maneuver downtown city laneways. That is assuming there is not any low hanging wires that you also have to work around. So what other options do you have?

Knuckle cranes lift in laneways

While the typical knuckle crane are similar in vehicle size to your smaller traditional stick crane. They work in a much smaller footprint. They also have a much easier time working around lines in the air, trees and other obstacles. If your laneway is large enough to accommodate this type of crane, this should be your first choice. It will give you the most amount of lifting power.

Using knuckle crane to assemble shipping containers into a laneway home.
Using knuckle crane to do precision placing of shipping containers in a backyard.

Mini cranes to the rescue

Mini cranes are the saviours of downtown city laneways. These cranes are similar in size to a car and can go most places that they can travel. While mini cranes do not have the same lifting power as some of the larger cranes out there, they generally do not need to. In the crane world: If you can get the crane all the way to where you are working, you do not need to reach as far to do the same lift.

Which means less power required!

Mini crane travelling down a tight city laneway.
Mini crane lifting a tiny home in a downtown Toronto city laneway.
Using a mini crane to assemble a prefab container tiny home in a laneway in downtown Toronto.
Mini crane stacking prefab container module into place.

As you can see, having the right mini crane for your lift, is a great way to accomplish these deliveries.

If you need anything craned in a tight laneway, mini cranes are the way to go.

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