FAQ – About Hot Tubs & Swim Spas

Why use Braymore to move my Hot Tub or Spa?

Great question!

Hot Tubs are not considered a standard item to move and do require special tools and knowledge to move. They are large and ackward to handle and don’t actually fit in a lot of trucks due to lack of box height in the truck. Braymore is not your standard moving company, it is a specialty moving company. Braymore recognizes that it requires special tools and vehicles to handle and is actually properly equipped to do so. Unlike some of the other people that claim to move Hot Tubs, Braymore actually sends the right numbers of movers to accomplish the move safely. This might sound like a silly statement to throw in, but is actually very true in the industry. Braymore also has it’s own in house crane service for jobs that require craning as well to help cut costs of hiring two separate services. If you want your hot tub moved safely with a mover that has the right equipment for the job.

Contact one of Braymore’s hot tub specialists today, to get a quote.

What information do you need to quote a hot tub move?

To properly quote a hot tub move, make sure you have the following information:

  1. The dimensions of the hot tub or spa. (Length x Width)
  2. The make of the hot tub or spa.
  3. See if you can find out the weight of your tub from your manufacture. Mover should be able to make a rough guess if you answered questions 1 & 2.
  4. Is there any grades or steps that the hot tub needs to go over?
  5. Is there any tight obstacles to get around? Fence gates, bushes, air conditioning units etc.
  6. Do you believe the unit needs to be craned and why you believe it is needed?
  7. Is the hot tub coming in or out of a sunken deck? This is a huge deal to the mover and requires more time and skill then your basic or standard hot tub move. Not telling this could mean your hot tub does not get moved when you need it and will incur more costs to move than if you were honest and upfront about it ahead of time.

Most hot tub quotes are done over the phone with the information that you provide and can be determined what is required if you answered all the above questions honestly.  To avoid surprises make sure provide all the details.  Don’t sugar coat anything, what might not seem like a big deal to yourself could be a huge deal to the movers or visa versa.  Let the expert decide whether it should be a concern or not.

If you would like an onsite estimate, that is possible, but there would be an additional charge for the estimate as the cost of the estimate is not included in the moving cost.  Most moves can be determined over the phone, but some of the tighter more difficult moves will require an onsite estimate.

Why do you not do an onsite estimates for every move?

At the end of the day, it all comes down to cost. Most people are not willing to pay the additional costs involved in having someone come out and do a proper estimate. Most people are looking for things to be done as cheap as possible. This is one of the short cuts that our society has indirectly demanded of movers to help you save your money.

When you get a quote for a hot tub from anyone, it most of the time only covers the time for the movers to come out once to do the move. If there was a surprise or miscommunication about what is involved in the move, expect an increase in cost and the possiblility that the move might have to be rescheduled with more manpower or different equipment. 9/10 times you can figure everything out by phone/email, but there are surprises that cannot be accounted for until the movers physically get out there and see for themselves what is really involved.

Some people will get offended by this fact, but it is the nature of the moving business. If you do get surprised, remember you already saved on the onsite estimate (whether you realize it or not), and you just happen to be part of the 10% or less that have a more elaborate move or one that was more difficult to describe. If this concerns you, don’t be cheap and pay for an onsite estimate, this way there are no surprises, because a professional as already come out and accounted for everything themselves. A true professional will tell you beforehand if there are any concerns about your move.