What information do I need to book a crane?

Calling a crane company for a quote without the basic information that they will require is a waste of everyone’s time. It can also be very frustrating to everyone involved.

So the real question is:
What are the basic things that a crane company needs to know first before you make that call?

  • What are you lifting? (be specific)
  • What is the size (dimensions) and weight of the largest item you would like lifted?
  • How far from where the crane truck is going to park will it have to reach?
  • Is there any obstructions that might get in the way of the crane? For example, power lines, trees, etc.
  • Cranes are large and don’t maneuver as tight as your car. Is a large crane truck able to get where you need it to go. This is really important when backing into single driveways in tight neighborhoods.
  • Is there room beside the truck for the truck outriggers (stabilizers) to deploy?

The more good information you have on hand when you make the call, the better the answers you will get and the more likely you will get an accurate quote on the first call.

Is the crane going to block the street or sidewalk?

Blocking any part of the street or sidewalk is a very big deal, especially in busy neighbourhoods and on major streets. A single call from an upset neighbour and a fast visit from bylaw enforcement could shut your lift down in a matter of seconds, give you fines if you do not immediately comply. These small details could mean extra costs for permits, pay duty police officers, traffic control personal and redelivery charges on top of the crane move that you were quoted. Discussing this with an experienced crane operator can help you find answers these questions up front and save you a small fortune, and a lot of unnecessary stress.

We are now in the digital age, where everyone is walking around with a fairly decent camera in their cell phone. Another good idea or practice, is to get some good pictures beforehand that you can email or text to the crane specialist that you are talking with. For a crane specialist, good shot/picture is defined as wide angle pictures that show the big picture from different angles or viewpoints, so they can see whether there is any obvious problems or obstructions. Please note: a picture does not show everything and can give optical allusions, the point of the picture is to make sure everyone is on the same page and to clarify things that are hard to explain or might get lost in translation. To allow the crane specialist to steer you towards any concerns or problems that are obvious to him, but not to you.

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