Palfinger PK23002

Braymore originally picked this crane up as a smaller crane to be able to get into locations and service sites that other cranes could not get too. It then became apparent tat it is also a great crane for transporting freight into tight locations. Unfortunately, it needs to defer to it’s larger brothers and sister cranes for those larger lifts.

Palfinger PK23002 crane lifting an HVAC in a tight hotel laneway in downtown Toronto.
Palfinger PK23002 crane lifting an HVAC in a tight hotel laneway in downtown Toronto.

Large cranes need large foot print to work in. Smaller cranes have the advantage of working in a smaller footprint. In downtown Toronto, there are lots of places where smaller cranes like this are the best option. Since the crane is that much lighter then its larger siblings, it also allows the truck to carry freight as a flatbed delivery service. One truck for crane and delivery is much cheaper then two trucks driving to a job site. Especially when there is nowhere to park the second vehicle.

What can the Palfinger PK23002 crane do?

  1. It can lift 1000 pounds out to 60 feet.
  2. It can lift 3000 pounds out to 30 feet.
  3. It runs by radio remote control for precision operator viewing.
  4. This vehicle has a 20′ flatbed deck and has the ability to carry freight to job sites.
  5. It can work in a very small foot print.
  6. In high traffic areas, it has the ability to deploy faster then your standard crane. This is important for having less traffic down time.
Palfinger PK23002 transporting swim spas at the local Jacuzzi store.
Crane offloading Jacuzzi swim spas at local store.
Palfinger PK23002 loading and transporting steel beams.
Flatbed crane truck that can transport and offload product.
Palfinger PK23002 crane lifting a motor onto this tower.
Using Palfinger PK23002 crane to lift a motor onto this tower.

Do you think the Palfinger PK23002 crane would be the perfect machine for doing your lift or goods transport?

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