Palfinger PK200002 Knuckle Crane

Meet Braymore’s latest edition to its knuckle crane fleet. The Palfinger PK200002 knuckle crane with winch system. This crane takes craning to a whole new level. It has more reach and more lifting power then any of our other knuckle cranes.

One of the most common problems people have when craning, is not enough power at reach. In layman’s terms, the farther you reach, the less weight you can lift with the crane. When lifting large items like swim spas and pools into backyards, this can be a common problem. Especially as builders are making taller homes with less space in front to work. The Palfinger PK200002 has that extra power and reach to make your lift safer and run smoother.

Palfinger PK200002 lifting a swim spa over a house.

So lets talk real numbers, what can this crane really do?

This crane can reach 150 feet. At 150 feet, it can lift 1000 pounds. Shorten that distance to 100 feet, this crane can lift 4000 pounds. When you compare that to any other crane, you realize those are some really impressive numbers. That is equivalent to an 80-90 ton traditional stick crane.

But wait there is more!

Look at the picture of this crane lifting a swim spa over the house. Notice that this crane is operating in a smaller footprint than your traditional cranes of this size. Also notice all the power lines around this house. It also deploys in a much smaller footprint allowing it to work on the driveway. That just shortened the distance the crane needed to reach. Your standard crane would not be able to operate here, making this crane, the only available and affordable option for this job.

See the Palfinger P200002 knuckle crane deploy on a tight driveway with power lines all around.
It is able to maneuver and deploy in tight spaces.
Palfinger PK200002 landing a swim spa on a concrete pad in a backyard.

Would you like to see it in action?

Watch this video of it’s first lift in Toronto, Ontario.

With the Palfinger PK200002, the possibilities are endless as to what it can do and lift. HVAC’s, hot tubs, furniture, pianos, construction materials, large windows, skids to name but a few.

Palfinger PK200002 lifting a test weight.
Look at it go!
PK200002 crane swim spa over house
Crane swim spa over house from the road.
PK200002 crane hot tub
PK200002 lower hot tub into basement

On the above job, the crane lifted the hot tub over the house from the road and used a winch line to lower it into a sunken area in their backyard. Did you notice the operator was on a radio remote control? He was able to go right into the backyard and see for himself what needed to be done. No need for single relays and faulty directions that lead to crane accidents that you could get from using a traditional stick crane. Right tool for the right job!

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